Monday, April 6, 2015

'Tree-To-Tree Adventure' chapín style

March 31, 2015

We basically had the coolest zone P-day ever yesterday. We went to an ´´adventure park´´ about 30 minutes away, which come to find out is actually well within our gigantic area. They had a lot of rope games up in some trees. If anyone has been to the Tree-To-Tree Adventure by Hagg Lake in Oregon it was something like that, only a lot less safe! (but it wasn´t that bad). Anyways, so they had a bunch of rope stuff to climb up and a couple of sweet rope swings. The craziest one was just 2 wood handles that you had to grab onto while sitting on a little wood platform about 20 feet off the ground, and then swing down to the ground. It was funny watching some of the sister missionaries climb up there and then sit there for a really long time thinking about what they were about to do, and then climb back down all shaky. It was pretty intense; I had to think twice about it. The coolest one though was a big net full of plastic balls, with a ledge about 5 or 6 feet up from which one had to ´´trust fall´´ backwards into the ball pit. About half the missionaries chickened out on that one J I did it though, just incase anybody was doubting! All in all it was pretty awesome, and cost a whole 2 dollars per person.

Right now my companion and I are on the other side of the lake with the other missionaries in our zone, which means early mornings, crackers for dinner and breakfast, and sleeping on the floor... WOOHOO

A full medical check up is in order for sure as soon as I get back.... Probably something to wipe my stomach also wouldn´t hurt.... It turns out I have some kind of infection in the lungs or something, but don´t worry! I am taking some antibiotics that I bought off the shelf with no questions asked. It is called doxiciclina or something like that. I´m totally fine, just a cough that won't go away and stuff.

You asked what language we speak since I’m with an American companion now. My companion and I just speak English all the time. He leaves the change after I do, so we are both apt at speaking Spanish, and speaking in English doesn´t hurt our Spanish at all. I would like to find some way to keep it up after the mission though, it seems like it could be quite useful. We met a white family the other day that lives up here called the Jensons. The dad grew up at Sunset High School (in our school district). Him and his wife met on their missions, and afterwards met up again, got married, had kids, and moved to Solola, Guatemala. Pretty cool family, but I don´t think I could ever do that. The whole family is bilingual though!

Thanks for the updates on my college credits transferring from high school. I was actually thinking about those 2 credits the other day! I am super glad that they carry over! That is 2 drops less in the educational bucket, eh!

Glad you had/are having a great time in Hawaii! Sounds like you guys went on the way more awesome version of what we did yesterday (ziplining). Maybe someday I´ll take my new wife on a Hawaiian cruise.... Maybe later this year ;)   Ya never know right?

Love you lots!
Elder Rice

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