Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Missionaries at the CCM

All the missionaries currently at the Guatemala City Missionary Training Center
Collin is 2 people to the left of the mision presidents wife, back one row, wearing a blue tie.
He didn't like the picture, so wouldn't send it to me, so I stole it off another missionaries blog :)

The girls.

Monday, May 27, 2013

The First Book of Collin Chapter 2

First Collin Chapter 2 (May 27, 2013)

And it came to pass that in the second week of the time I did spend within the CCM that many things were done. For my first companion did go back unto his house, having much penance in his soul, and at this day he doth intend to return. And for the time being, I have been placed into a trio, which we refer to as the trinity of elders, for we did go forth with much power in the Lord.

And I and my brethren did wax strong in the speaking of the Spanish language; for the more part of the day we do speak Spanish, and we are taught after the language of this land, and we do understand the most part of what we hear.

And also did we eat exceedingly well, because of those here willing to aid our cause. And oft we did eat that which was strange to us, but though great prayer I did bear the burden of the peculiar food, insomuch that I did come to enjoy it. But of the more part of the fruits, and of the guac, and of the more part of the products of dairy, I did continually not eat. And upon one eve we did eat of steak and potatoes. And the steak thereof was exceedingly thin, being about the thickness of a cardboard box. But it was delicious to the taste, and the potatoes and gravy also were exceedingly delicious. And there was much rejoicing.

And I believe somewhat that there be confusion about the juice of which I have spoken. And also of the sangre de diablo. And the jugo de muerte, which is to be understood as the juice of death, is that juice which is made fresh of the fruits of the country. And of this it is expedient that man should not drink. For whosoever drinketh of that juice, the same shall bring upon himself the great and terrible reckoning of el baño. And also there is other juice, made with real sugar, which is very delicious and desirable to the taste. And the sangre de Diablo is an extraction of the more powerful part of the Ghost Pepper. And I have tasted of the sangre de diablo, and my very soul was swallowed up in anguish. And I did drink much, but I could find no relief. And for many minutes I did suffer thus, that I might understand that it is not expedient that the sangre de Diablo be had by man.

 And I would speak somewhat unto you concerning the great joys that we have found in bonding with our brethren here, both Nortes and Latinos. For we have taught much of our language unto them, even unto our great pleasure. And the gringo being called Elder Wyatt did teach unto them our phrases ¨Do you even lift¨ and ¨Come at me bro¨, and we did revel much at the fruits of his labors.

And also, one of my companions, Elder Refuerzo, and myself, did commence in somewhat of a boasting of skills. Wherefore, we did go forth among our fellow man in the CCM, and we did take the tags off of their very shirts. And this we did without their knowledge, that they might wonder wither their name tag hath gone. And we did become well practiced in this manner, and did steal away the name tags of many. And as of this day, there are few among us who know of our challenge, and we do continue in such jokery.

 And it shall come to pass that on the morrow I and my brothers shall go without the gates and without our hired sentries, and go forth unto the market, that we might immerse ourselves in the culture, and buy that which we require, and perhaps bring a few souls unto the fold of Christ. And in this I do rejoice much, for of soap, I am nearly without. And also I do desire protein powder, that I might become shredded and huge, like unto the Nephite captains of old, depicted in paintings.

 And thus I make an end of my speaking for now. And I wish those of my family, and of my friend’s good tidings. And I would that those not of my city, who would soon endeavor to serve the Lord would read the words which I have written, and become excited at the prospect, for it truly has been a blessing.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mission Life Questions from Mom

*What was the airport/plane/bus to the CCM (The Guatemalan Missionary Training Center) like?
            Well the plane was incredible! Flying out of LA at midnight we could see the city lights going for MILES. And then when we got to La ciudad de Guatemala in the morning it was almost as incredible! The scale of both cities is crazy! They are huge!
            On the bus to the CCM I saw a guy on the back of a motorcycle holding a sawed off shotgun dressed up in a suit. And usually once per day we see a policia truck with a bunch of armed guys in the back, but haven’t really seen any problems yet.

*Tell us about the food
            The food has been alright so far, it kind of a North American and Central American hybrid. For example, on the first day we had scrambled eggs with nacho cheese and peppers on top. Some days we have American food, some days it’s completely Central American. Most days we have rice, beans, or both. I have gotten to really enjoy rice and beans. J

*What's your daily schedule like?
            They keep us super busy here, like all day, every hour is planned out to have some thing that we are doing, or learning, or eating. My Spanish has come leaps and bounds from what it was. I have 2 Latinos in my room with me and my companion, and I can have a pretty good conversation with them after just 6 days. My companion didn´t have any Spanish before this, but he already knows enough phrases to survive, and he gets better every day.

*Tell us about your companion and the city?
            My companion, Elder Reynolds (That’s his American name, his Latino name is Elder Reynaldo) is pretty cool, he´s from Utah. We have been able to go out of the CCM a couple of times. We went to the temple yesterday, and we have gone to the small computer lab here a couple times, which is off the CCM grounds, to use a Spanish language learning program.
            The city here is so exciting, and I can´t wait to get out and see it all! I would not want to drive around here ever. There are so many YOLO´s everywhere. They just pull out and floor it to get onto the roads, because there is always traffic, and at least around here there are no lights. But there haven´t been any accidents yet, so todo está bien.
            Here’s what I’ve bought this week: A “Team Guatemala” soccer jersey, leather scripture case with awesome pictures, leather wallet, and a local style back pack with my name on it.  We are going to the open market next week, and Walmart the week after, so I will be able to feed my shopping addiction :)

         I´m excited to be here, and I miss everyone. I sent some snail mail, but I don´t know when it will get there. It looks like Tuesday is my P-Day, but there are about 200 people here, so they have to schedule the E-mailing time differently sometimes, so I don´t know when I´ll have the chance again. I will let you know when I find out what my regular time is.

The First Book of Collin. Chapter1

           And it came to pass that I did travel many hours to the land of Guatemala, that I might teach the people to more fully understand the gospel. And also many other gringos did go up with me unto the land of the Central Americans. And we did rejoice much, that we might have the privilege to be in the service of our fellow man. And when we did arrive thither, the leader of the missionaries in the land did address us, that we might more easily make ourselves accustomed to the things which the people did do, and did eat.
            And the first thing he did tell unto us was concerning the juice. And he did say unto us that we mayest freely drink of all of the juice, but of el jugo de muerte, (local juice?) thou mayest not eat. But it is given that you may choose for yourself whether you should drink there of. But remember, in the day thou drinkest thereof, thou shalt surly suffer much affliction in the bathroom, and die.
            And like wise he did say unto us, wherefore, the Latinos find great pleasure in giving of el snagre de Diablo (mega hot sauce?) unto us the gringos, but thou ought to remember in thine heart that he who partaketh of el sangre de Diablo, which is to mean the blood of Satan, shall be harrowed up with much afflictions, and it shall seem as if his very soul doth burn as if in the endless torment of the fire and brimstone.
            Nevertheless, I did partake of el snagre de Diablo, and I did suffer much for want of ice cream, but there was none in the land, save it be immediately after either lunch or dinner. And I sorely afflicted, even with a curse upon my tongue, insomuch that I was brought to a remembrance of the words of the mission president, and I did choose in that day not to partake of el jugo de muerte, for such it was called by my people, the Nortes.
            And my companion and I, having been taught somewhat concerning the Spanish language did go forth, and did cry repentance boldly unto one of these the native people. And we did labor much. Even a hard labor, that we might bring souls unto Jesus Christo and unto baptism.
            And there was one among the people of Guatemala that did hearken unto our words, and did commit to become baptized. And she was called Alejandra. For she did speak even after our own tongue, therefore we did teach her in both our languages, and she did hearken unto the words which we spoke unto her. And thus we did converse with her.
            And we did converse also with those Latinos which were with us in our rooms, that we might come to a more full understanding of the language. And also we did teach unto them many things concerning our own culture and language. And we did teach unto many Latinos how they might utter the phrase "Do you even lift?" and many Latinos did go forth and ask such to those Nortes which were not of our district, and we did rejoice much in this.
             And it came to pass that there were among the Nortes that were not of our district that did curse us because we had done this thing, and also that we had taught unto our brethren, the Latinos, how they might sing the song “Trolololo”, which might be found on YouTube or by asking mine brother Jared. And the Latinos did sing this during all the day, and especially so in the shower, even insomuch that many Nortes did curse us and did speak unto us saying: "What is this thing thou hast done?" for they were sorely afflicted by the few phrases we had taught unto our brethren.
            And thus I make and end of my speakings, and I do desire that I might receive many letters concerning the events of my homeland and of my family, for I have a sore want for the things of my home.
            And I must now go up to the classroom everlasting, that I might spend eternity in a classroom learning all the day long. And it doth bore me much, and I look forward with much want to the day in which I might leave the gates of the CCM and wander upon the city.
            And I do write these things that thou mayest know that it is desirable that men might serve a mission, and much joy can come of it. Amen.