Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mission Life Questions from Mom

*What was the airport/plane/bus to the CCM (The Guatemalan Missionary Training Center) like?
            Well the plane was incredible! Flying out of LA at midnight we could see the city lights going for MILES. And then when we got to La ciudad de Guatemala in the morning it was almost as incredible! The scale of both cities is crazy! They are huge!
            On the bus to the CCM I saw a guy on the back of a motorcycle holding a sawed off shotgun dressed up in a suit. And usually once per day we see a policia truck with a bunch of armed guys in the back, but haven’t really seen any problems yet.

*Tell us about the food
            The food has been alright so far, it kind of a North American and Central American hybrid. For example, on the first day we had scrambled eggs with nacho cheese and peppers on top. Some days we have American food, some days it’s completely Central American. Most days we have rice, beans, or both. I have gotten to really enjoy rice and beans. J

*What's your daily schedule like?
            They keep us super busy here, like all day, every hour is planned out to have some thing that we are doing, or learning, or eating. My Spanish has come leaps and bounds from what it was. I have 2 Latinos in my room with me and my companion, and I can have a pretty good conversation with them after just 6 days. My companion didn´t have any Spanish before this, but he already knows enough phrases to survive, and he gets better every day.

*Tell us about your companion and the city?
            My companion, Elder Reynolds (That’s his American name, his Latino name is Elder Reynaldo) is pretty cool, he´s from Utah. We have been able to go out of the CCM a couple of times. We went to the temple yesterday, and we have gone to the small computer lab here a couple times, which is off the CCM grounds, to use a Spanish language learning program.
            The city here is so exciting, and I can´t wait to get out and see it all! I would not want to drive around here ever. There are so many YOLO´s everywhere. They just pull out and floor it to get onto the roads, because there is always traffic, and at least around here there are no lights. But there haven´t been any accidents yet, so todo está bien.
            Here’s what I’ve bought this week: A “Team Guatemala” soccer jersey, leather scripture case with awesome pictures, leather wallet, and a local style back pack with my name on it.  We are going to the open market next week, and Walmart the week after, so I will be able to feed my shopping addiction :)

         I´m excited to be here, and I miss everyone. I sent some snail mail, but I don´t know when it will get there. It looks like Tuesday is my P-Day, but there are about 200 people here, so they have to schedule the E-mailing time differently sometimes, so I don´t know when I´ll have the chance again. I will let you know when I find out what my regular time is.

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