Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sprint to the Finish!

Well... I’m not really sure what to write about this week to be honest. Just starting to get really worried about what happens in about 2 more weeks- I refuse to accept that I have to go home though! I haven’t started packing up or anything yet. More than anything I feel like on the 29th I´ll get a new companion and just keep on going… My companion and I have been working to get everything in order and nicely set up for whoever comes in after I leave.

We had an activity that turned out pretty cool this week. Our branch mission leader built a mock airplane in the church out of some rebar and plastic sheeting. My companion and I were the pilots and guided the ‘plane’ full of ten people at a time on a normal flight. We had some neat sound effects and everything. In the middle of the flight we ´´crashed´´ and everybody died. At this point an ‘angel’ came and took everybody through a tour of heaven. During the tour there were several presentations about who will be there and what it will be like. Turned out pretty cool and a lot of new people came.

We are doing what we can with the families we’re teaching, but for some of them it looks like it might not be their time yet. We aren´t really THAT busy all the time here, as most of the people are not really big on changes, especially when it comes to their church, but we have 1 family that we are trying to baptize before I take off. The date is set for my birthday (April 26) for their baptism!

 Well that’s about all I´ve got for now.

Nos vemos! Elder Rice


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