Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Brace for Impact

Well, I would tell you all to stop telling me how excited you all are to see me IN A FEW DAYS, but next time I read my emails will be only 2 days before I get home, so go ahead and write whatever you all want too....

We have been doing the best that we can right up until the end, just trying to inspire the rest of the missionaries that will still be here in these ´´my last days´´. I must admit, up until yesterday I felt totally normal. But finally yesterday it sank in that I was already in the very end. The initial emotional reaction was a small panic attack, generated mostly by a fear of the looming culture shock. But now I feel as calm as a lamb being led to the slaughter ;) The truth is that I am almost absolutely terrified by the idea of going home. I felt fine until I realized that this week is going to be full of a bunch of ´´last times´´.... But I am doing all right! I am pretty excited to be home though. We say that a missionary ´´dies´´ when he comes to the end of his mission, but I suppose that’s alright, as the natural next step is a paradisiacal state of happiness in ´´the mansions of my father (and mother)´´ in Oregon. J

Yesterday we went to visit a less active family that we just met on Sunday. They own a meat shop and surprised us with some of the fattest steaks I have ever seen in Guatemala! Some seriously delicious food! Speaking of food, I made a to-scale replica of the mountainous region we live in last night with some refried beans we had laying around in the house. Picture  included:

Thanks for the birthday wishes! All is well, and I am excited to see ´´all ya´ll!´´

Love you lots and see you soon! Elder Rice

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