Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Home Stretch...For Real, now!

Just got my ticket home. It’s basically going to be a 12 hour trip... Whoop! I get home on the 30th of April around 7:30pm! 

Well... Nothing much really going on this week. We only had like 12 lessons the whole week, as the Easter Holy Spring Break (Semana Santa) is a big deal here. Everybody and their dog was in the park or out of town, so we just spent a lot of time preaching in the park.

General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was also this weekend, which if you didn´t watch it, you should. It was amazing! Especially the sessions on Saturday. We watched all of it in English! It was... AWESOME! If you haven´t seen it you are missing out! We just watched it at church. We dropped off our investigators in the sacrament room to watch in Spanish, and then went to our own room to watch it in English. Other than that we are just doing our best to keep all the sister missionaries in the zone happy, knocking on a lot of doors, and giving it everything we have got for these last couple of weeks.

As far as my return plans go, I would like some kind of dinner. It would be cool to do it with everybody if it can be done. Honestly anything that you guys want to eat except rice and beans is SO FINE by me! I have a food 'bucket list', but basically any food that we eat back home is on it.

I don´t know about scheduling a meeting with the stake president, but maybe it would be nice if you could verify with him when I’ll be officially released, as I have planned to go swimming the next morning after I get back. I will probably end up staying there in town with you at least for the first night, and then go out to Vernonia later the next day. From there plans are still in the works, since most of my efforts are focused on the work here, and I really haven´t thought a whole lot about being back... Firmer more complete plans en route, probably next week.
Love you lots.
Adios! Elder Rice

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