Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Gringo Pizza Party!

So, the pizza party turned out to be a huge hit! We had all the people coming bring something to make the pizza to help spread the cost out, and obligate some people to come on time. It was pretty weird making the pizza dough in front of like 20 people- and even though preaching on old school buses full of 50 to 60 people has become a daily pastime- this made me a little bit nervous. It turned out quite delicious though. I got some sweet pictures, but I forgot to bring my camera today... We made what we called the Especial Mormona. It had pizza sauce, fresh onions, some fresh peppers, cheese, and some form of Guatemalan mystery meat... And pineapple (how in the world do you spell pineapple???) We had one of the ladies here host it and she went over the top in preparing her house. She had a big long table with a white tablecloth, with red decorations on the table, nice glass cups, a punch bowl with some of the most awesome punch I have ever had, and some sandwiches as a little snack for everyone. She also had a table set up in front of an empty room where I could teach everybody to make the dough. She lives 6 months in Canada and 6 months here in Escuintla, Guatemala, so she has a little more financial possibility. All in all, quite awesome!

My new companion here is from Mexico. His name is Elder Mariscal. He is the Mexican version of my friend, Kevin Choi. J Our house here isn`t too bad. The walls are all pretty dirty, and the bathroom is meh, but it isn`t really that bad. Here in Escuintla there isn`t really much to see, just houses, small businesses, stray dogs, and a merciless sun. It rains pretty insanely here as well. Almost everyday it rains down cats and dogs, but it is way better to be soaking wet from the rain, than soaking wet from your own sweat! Besides, when people see us drenched head to toe they are a lot more likely to let us in their house to teach them.

You asked about my plans when I get home. Well, my sorta plan is to get back and work, but also to do all of the sweet things that I have always wanted to do. Go hunting, take the bros (Chris, Dakota and Kevin) camping for a week, buy a motorcycle, do the flaming wings challenge in Buffalo Wild Wings, etc. But pretty much yeah, you could say live at home and work for a few months. But yes, I do think that I want to go to BYU-I. I bet Jared is pretty stoked for college, eh? I know I am! Going to tear that place up! And get a good education while I am at it #yolo  Is yolo even a thing anymore? I hear songs sometimes in the buses or in people’s cars and realize that I have been away quite a while now, as all the songs are ones I have never heard before.  

We have a person doing our laundry, but she got sick and her daughter is washing it now, which means that we have to wash our own personal items by hand... Which is a huge drag....at least they get dry in like 30 minutes as we live in what is the neighboring county to hell L It gets seriously hot here.... We do still have a lunch lady though. Lately my Mexican companion has been training me for the BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings) flaming wings challenge while we are at lunch.

Love you, Elder Rice

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