Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Swiss chef shenanagins

All is well here! It’s hot, but not too bad, I’m getting used to it really fast again. It hasn’t been raining too much lately, which is nice sometimes, but at the same time it sucks getting home all sweaty. We had our house inspections on Tuesday, which is why we didn’t write yesterday. You will be proud to know that we passed with flying colors!

We met this less active member of the church last week. Turns out that he is a chef in a Swiss restaurant in the super rich part of Guatemala! This Sunday he is going to make us some really awesome food. He grew up homeless with nothing, stealing fruits from the market with his brother (Aladdin, right?) to feed himself. Later on he got a job when he was 14 in a high-class place. The head chef there took him under his wing and taught him everything that he knew. Since then he has been working in several places making really high-class food. One of those cool pick yourself up by your bootstraps stories!

Not really too much to mention this week, been a pretty normal week. I need to start making notes for what to write home... Everything just blurs together.

We taught a short workshop on self-defense to some kids from a family that we are teaching. One of them gets beat up at school, so our thought was to help him be able to defend himself a little better. He didn’t really make any progress, but at least he got super stoked. His mom told us the next day that he had gotten really pumped the rest of the day, so even if he didn’t learn at least we have a good relationship with them!

HEY I got my package like a week ago! The shoe dryers are awesome! But seriously- super, super awesome!!! The Swedish fish were delicious, and the white board is perfect! Thank you MOM! Now that Jared is away from home it is going to be way different at home. I’m really excited to go to college when I get back! Like, way too excited...

Adios, Elder Rice




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