Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wedding crashers

My companion and I went to a wedding this week of some people from the ward that were getting married. We showed up after the ceremony, just for the cake. It was some pretty awesome cake. Highlight of the week.

Another Baptism! Mission president showed up as a suprise
The weather is good! Super hot until about 3 or 4 in the afternoon when it starts raining and cools off a little bit! I am going to die in Oregon, my body is used to the heat now! It has been raining... A LOT lately. The good thing is that even the rain falls hot because it is so hot here, so it´s not really that bad. I made a waterproof bag out of duct tape for my scriptures, so they don´t get wet at all. All of the people let us in their houses when we are soaking wet because they feel bad, then we teach them and they either become new investigators of the church, or they kick us back out into the rain. It´s actually pretty awesome! The only bad thing is that walking around in wet shoes all day leaves the feet truly nasty, and gives lots of blisters.

I haven´t got my package you sent yet but I´m sure that I´ll get it pretty soon. Probably next week.

Jared sounds excited to get to college. He says that he won´t have a curfew anymore, which makes him happy. J I feel like there are going to be a lot of differences when I get back! New people at church, getting ready to live on my own and search me out a womanJ,  new friends, etc.... But I still have 8 months before I need to worry about all that. My plan is to use my mad cooking skills to make way too much food for myself in college, and sell it to chumps that are hungry, thus covering the cost of food for myself! We´ll see how that works out.

Well, that’s all folks.
 Elder Rice


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