Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I have been in here in the coast for 6 weeks now. Changes are tomorrow and SUPRISE! Me voy! I`ve got changes again! I`m now going to have 4 areas in 4 changes. It is all good. I have learned a lot. I met a Swiss chef, saw an epidemic spread, learned how to work with the bishop, and witnessed some miracles.

First things first right? So a couple of weeks ago some of the people here in Escuintla started getting a really weird disease. It is like dengue, but a whole lot more violent. It gives chills, fever, vomit, intense pain in the bones (especially the hands and knees) and terrible headaches. Then all of a sudden it exploded here. Everywhere we went people were sick with it. And it started leaving terrible rashes on the whole body that exploded and got all nasty. Pretty intense. It is transmitted by mosquitos, which are plenteous here. Supposedly it came from Africa or something like that and it is called chikunguña. The good thing is that only one missionary got it, and it didn`t hit him very hard, he didn`t even stay in one day.
My companion and I are getting along fine! Normally I am eating homemade pizza, cinnamon rolls, or spaghetti. Usually in the night I make popcorn on the stove too! I have been eating an apple a day to keep the doctor away too. Cucumbers with lime and salt I also like a lot. And obviously the breakfast of champions OATMEAL. I`m going to be a super star in college. I can eat great on a super tight budget. Everyone will want to be my roommate. As far as college goes I`ll try to let you know my tentative plans next week! Let me think about it.
This last week it rained more than normal. We were walking in a street up to our knees in nasty water. In part it was sweet, as all the cars turned the place into Seaworld on steroids. The bad thing was that some small bug bites that I had on my legs and my arm got infected because of the nasty water. They are pretty nasty, and pretty painful.

We have been teaching 2 young people here in our area. We had come for a visit with some people we had met, and the old guy we brought with us knocked on the wrong door (after we had knocked on the right one). What can you do right? So these 2 teens come out and tell us to come on in. After talking a bit with them they told us they would like to have more unity in their family, which was lacking because their parents are almost never home. The weird thing is that usually when kids here (or anywhere) are left alone way too much they tend to develop bad attributes, but these 2 boys are socially very normal, and have much more integrity than a lot of people here in Guatemala. Anyways, we brought them to church this last Sunday and they loved it. Today in the afternoon we are going to have a family home evening with the whole family to try and help them be more united. Sunday afternoon we ran into the parents and they wanted to talk with us too. They said their kids have been standing up to them in the house and they want help making them more obedient. Then they told us what had happened. The dad had belted the older brother with.. well.. his belt. Then he went to his room and the dad got up to follow him and the younger brother came out, stood in front of his dad, and told him ``You’re not going to hit my brother anymore!`` At least the parents recognize that the kids don`t include them inside their most inner circle. Anyways, the point is we are totally going to save an awesome family from destroying itself. Well, my companion anyways, as I have changes tomorrow.
Love you lots, Va pues! Elder Rice


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