Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I am muy guapo!

The other day my companion and I were walking down one of the streets in our area, and some kids about 10 years old flagged us down from the sidewalk. When we got closer we saw that they had a bottle of coke in their hands. Coke has been doing a cool promotion lately (Here at least I don’t know about stateside) where they have been printing common names on the Coke bottles and the people buy lots of Coke until they get one with their name on it. When we got closer to the kids we saw why they had flagged us down... The Coke bottle had the name ELDER on it. J

Last week we went to a different internet cafe to write home. After we had finished we went up to the desk to pay. The lady at the desk asked me if she could be honest with me, after which she said I am muy guapo. My companion and I got a pretty good laugh out of that.

The Swiss chef mentioned last week taught us on Saturday to make bread, cinnamon rolls, crousants (who knows how you spell that...), and pizza like they do in the fancy expensive restaurants. Then we taught his family about the Word of Wisdom. Then we took all that newly acquired knowledge and made some sweet bread in our little toaster oven.

I just started reading the Book of Mormon for the fifth time since I left. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get CLOSER TO GOD, find DIRECTION in their life, find PEACE, and/or HOPE. If you don´t have one lemme know and I´ll make sure somebody gets one to you. Or click HERE.

The food storage bags/freezer meals you made look pretty sweet. I wish we had something like that, to eat a sweet meal at night. I eat pretty well anyways though. The other day my companion was complaining that he couldn´t walk fast and he was tired because he didn´t eat a good dinner or breakfast. I just asked him who is in charge of him eating well and he stopped complaining. Sometimes we learn to self-justify ourselves. We put the guilt on other things: I can’t go to church because I had to work all night last night, I can’t do my visits because I´ve got work coming out of my nose, I would have family home evening if everyone else weren’t such haters, etc., etc. What we need to learn is the doctrine taught in 2 Nephi10:23. We are free to choose good, or bad, and it isn´t anybody’s fault but our own for our circumstances. God actually wants us to cheer up because we are capable of acting upon our circumstances, and not just being acted upon.

The withdrawal from my account was just because I wanted a little bit of extra cash for whatever thing. I don´t actually need that much, I just hate paying ATM fees, so I took it all out at once. All is well. It’s pretty sweet how I can live pretty comfortably, in a rented house for about 260 dollars a month, eating out, buying nice food, and taking buses all day, without even breaking into my personal money most of the time.

Love ya mom!

Hasta la vista bebé, Elder Rice


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