Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Deja vu

 I had changes again this last Wednesday. I got sent to an area called El Carmen 2. The weird thing is that this area is part of the same ward that I left before I went to the coast! I work with all the same people, see all my converts, and my old companion is now my district leader. (He'll have been there 6 months at the end of this change). All in all it’s pretty sweet, as this was one of my favorite wards so far. The house we are in now is pretty sweet. It is super tiny, just 2 rooms and a bathroom, but the tile floor isn't horrid, we have sort of warm water to shower with, and we have a lovely view of a great and spacious church out front. We are in the big city, and you will all be pleased to know that both Dominos and Pizza Hut consider my area safe enough to deliver pizza to. My companions name is Elder Montes. He is from El Salvador, has been out for about 3 months, and is skinny as heck. Pictures will be included. We get along rather well. It is kinda hard being with ''the new guy'' because he doesn't know how everything works yet, but he is super receptive to improvement. I was also made into a Senior companion, and they put me in charge of retention in the zone too. SUPRISE! J

New companion
Yesterday I got some pretty nasty vomits and some intense trips to the bathroom. Then afterwards some unbearable stomach pains that left me pretty much useless to the world. Pretty great. It’s always fun to throw up in the street and have all the kids come up and talk about the Gringo throwing up... Great opportunities to get find more investigators. All is well now, seems like one of those 48 hours things.

The epidemic I mentioned last week is mostly in the hotter parts of Central America, so I'm home free from that now, so you can relax Mom.  I have been treating all my infectious wounds with the Neosporin you sent with me.

Thats all for now folks, pictures to be sent.

Elder Rice

Breakfast of champions

Cinnamon rolls made on a study desk and cooked in a toaster oven..
Came out quite delicious actually!

Brother with really, really big hands in my last area

old companion with my machete

Suit that I scored in a thrift shop for about 50 cents





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