Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Being sick is for wimps- I'm an Unstoppable Machine

Wednesday or Thursday of last week I got hit by a pretty serious fever. Then on Friday something crazy happened; the thermometers that the mission home gives us to take our temperature only go up to 104 F, and are the kind that are on  a film and they make a square turn green under the number of the temp you have. On Friday when I took my temp the little squares went lighting up from the low numbers to the high numbers, but then it didn´t stop when it got to 104 F, it just kept going right off the thermometer. But what can you do, eh? I just left to work like normal, worked my companion straight into the dirt, and finished the day out normally.

Then on Saturday we had the pizza party I mentioned last week.. Like they say, if you can´t take the heat, get out of the kitchen! The activity was a success by the way. I didn´t get pictures because I forgot my camera, but a member took some that I´ll get a hold of. We ended up making 5 pizzas that were 1 meter each in a firewood oven. Anyways, I guess I showed that fever what’s up! Then on Sunday I got a gnarly rash, so the nurse told me I had to go take a test to see if I had previously mentioned chikunguña fever or dengue or what (cue the panicked mother).

My district
 The family I mentioned last week couldn´t come to church this Sunday, but one of the people that came to the pizza activity did come and now has a baptismal date. Moreover, with the help of our ward mission leader we were able to kick start cooking classes every other week to which people can bring friends, family, enemies, or whoever they want. The ward mission leader is a professional chef, and is going to be teaching new stuff people can make with things they already have in their houses. We are struggling a little finding more people to teach right now, but we hope doing stuff like this can help people “get to know the Mormons”

As far as when I am going to come home... Probably never, I think I´m just gonna stay here as a missionary. J  If you could help me get started on the college applications that would be great.  Thanks for being worried about my future! Let me know what you think.

Be good! Elder Rice

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