Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A little 'Chapin' named Collin

So it turns out that the fever and rash from last week were from a mosquito trasmitted disease called... DENGUE!!!!! I wouldn’t wish it on anybody... seriously... But all is well again. I had to go to the hospital and all to get tests taken, but by the time the results came in that it was dengue I was already back to 90%. I feel better already. Dengue is a huge drag though... seriously. I still worked my companion into the dirt even being sick though. Not even dengue can stop this guy!

We went to the new Walmart here to check out what’s up, and I saw the coolest thing in the shelf medicine section. Little boxes of a pain reliever here called OXY. Yep, it is what you think it is. Just in case you need some serious pain relief, Walmart carries OXY. I bought flour, yeast, and powdered sugar to make scones in a family home evening, but no OXY. J
Making scones in a family home evening

Yesterday we got a phone call in the morning informing me that... guess what... CHANGES.... AGAIN. Seriously, for the last 5 times there have been changes, I have been the one to go. The good thing is that I am now super pro at packing suitcases, and saying goodbye. They also informed me that..... I’m going to have a son! (Don’t freak out, this is just a mission expression!) Just so there is no confusion, we call a missionary your “son” when you are their companion during their first 6 to 12 weeks as a missionary. Which means.... I get a newbie! I have been so super busy in the last 2 days that I haven’t had time to even go to the bathroom.... Seriously. Anyways, next week I’ll be in a new area, with a new companion.

As for sending Christmas stuff for my companion, my companion right now has actually gotten like 4 packages, and he has only been out like 3 months. I have had other Latino companions that don’t get anything ever. Or I could have a white boy, so he’d probably get something from home. But yeah, it would be good to throw something in there for my companion.

I’m glad all is well back home!
Love you lots, Elder Collin Taylor Rice

Hey, P.S. One of my converts is going to have a baby boy and he wanted my name so he could name his kid after me. So there is going to be a little Chapin boy (Slang term that Guatemalans call themselves) with my name here in Guatemala. LOL
Hey also! Our ward mission leader sells essential oils. LOL thought you might appreciate that, since you’re big on that voodoo magic stuff.

Dear Andrea: Quit telling everyone I'm getting fat!
These are my socks and my cardboard soled shoes
(Don’t send me more socks, I have good ones still)

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