Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vamos a la Playa!

Well, I´m back in the delicious heat of the Central American coastland. I am now in Escuintla, which is about 30 minutes or less from where I was the last time I was in the coast. It is equally hot here, and the shower is equally horrid. This time instead of an angled tube coming out of the wall, it is just a tube/jet that shoots cold water straight down. Other than that it´s not too bad here though. There is a grocery store nearby that sells rootbeer for a reasonable price. Even though I am now out of what is the ‘Redzone of Guatemala’, we still have parts of our area where if you go in, you come back out a lot poorer. It’s all good though, so far we haven´t had any problems.

We are teaching a great family here of 6 people. We left them a small assignment to read 1Nephi 10 in the Book of Mormon. Upon returning there again after about 2 days we asked them how it went and the mom of the family told us that she had felt a huge peace and happiness while reading it. Then the husband told us that while they were reading he felt that they were reading something very important, and that what they were reading was true. The husband was super stoked to get baptized; he wanted to get baptized this next Thursday that is coming up. We told him he had to go to church first and then we could baptize him, and he agreed it would be a good idea. The wife also wants to go to the church, but she doesn´t really want to be baptized again, as she did it before in another church. We are going to reel in the kids by inviting them over to a member’s house on Friday to learn from the Gringo how to make pizza. J They are all pretty stoked about it.

Elder Bednars talk on using social media sounded interesting. I just met a guy the other day that just got back from the mission. He served in Washington. I guess that he had to learn English on his mission, but he actually speaks it really well. He said that when he was on his way out they were just starting to test run tablets in the mission and that he never actually got to use one. Here in Guatemala, at least for the near future, there is now way they are giving us tablets. We just barely got cellphones here.

Even though I have gone through more than 8 pairs of shoes here, my first pair of shoes are still going strong. I only use them every once in a while, just so that they can get really destroyed for when I get home. The sole wore all the way through in one spot, so I´ve got a piece of cloth crammed in there to pad my heel. I´m totally bronzing these shoes...

Anyways, gotta bounce, love you, Elder Rice


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