Monday, August 25, 2014

Lots of pics!

Lots of pictures to send in today, so the letter is going to be pretty short this week. I have changes tomorrow. I was in this area for 6 weeks- nothing more. I just showed up, we found 8 people to baptize and now I'm on to the next one. We had 7 baptisms this weekend, all very incredible people that I have grown to love in so short a time. They all cried yesterday when we told them I have changes this Wednesday.

Locker Room Posers

Hide yo wife, hide yo kids, they baptizing everyone up here
Also, the guy that jacked my companions pen a couple of weeks ago ran into us again as we were going back to our house late. He stopped us and had us translate English Christian rock into Spanish for him for 15 minutes, and then he let us go.

The bonfire was awesome! A huge hit! Everyone wanted to do it again! We brought the hotdogs and marshmallows, one investigator family brought the corn tortillas for the hotdogs, another investigator family brought arroz con chocolate, which is like hot chocolate with rice in it, and the other investigator family brought firewood and set up a tarp tent. We also had another family that we had never met, but were friends with our investigators that showed up, and turns out they are actually just super inactive members. We shared a short message with everyone and then proceeded to burn stuff. Nobody had ever roasted marshmallows before, so they were a little hesitant at first, but after it caught on they were all putting 5 or 6 on a stick, and burning them to a crisp, just like all the little kids do back home, except all the adults did it too! All in all- rather awesome. I have changes, so will be moving on, but I will definitely be doing that one again in my next area.

Campfire! We had 21 people there in total, 2 recent converts, 2 missionaries, 5 inactive members, and 12 investigators... What!?!
Double Wedding!!!! All in all we spent a grand total of 25 bucks, including the lawyer and papers for both families. Guatemala is awesome.

Our district

Traditional Guatemalan photo
Going Green!
And my beautiful feet...dear mom- send more socks!
See ya'll later! Elder Rice

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