Tuesday, August 12, 2014

9 months left baby!

So if any of you are planning on having children before I get back, the deadline to start the process is this week! I have 9 months left in Guatemala. Time is going by insanely fast! I hardly feel the days anymore.
This last week we brought 8 people to church on Sunday- Super awesome! 7 of them should be getting baptized this weekend. Last Saturday we had a small matrimonial service in which we married 2 couples for only like 25 bucks, including cake, balloons, lawyer, etc. We're pretty pilas. This week we are going to have a big bonfire party with a bunch of our converts and a bunch of future converts, and all of their friends. Organizing for a large group of people is rather difficult when food is involved we have discovered, but I think we've got it down.

Last Sunday we had a whole bunch of investigators over to a convert’s house to watch the video “The Restoration.” Turned out awesome! We are having so much success it is ridiculous!

 No close calls this week, just the usual gun shots every once in a while. Last week was our trip to Wendy’s. The Baconator was delicious by the way! I thought I didn't miss American food, but I actually do! J

This is the Elder Rice spin on Potent Prayer taught by President Markham:
God listens to, and answers our prayers. When something is important to us, it is important to Him. As we learn to really communicate with God instead of just list off what we are grateful for and what we need, we start to have answers more strongly and more quickly. The first thing we should always do is prepare ourselves to pray. Consider what we have, what we need, and what we are willing to do to show our faith. Next, pray. Directing the prayer to our Heavenly Father, thanking him, asking for what we need, and ending in the name of Jesus Christ. After, listen. Sit still and listen. Following, make promises to God respecting the topic of the prayer. For example: I promise that I will follow the answer that I receive from Thee, or I promise to do everything that is within my power first, and then leave the rest to Thee. The last step becomes part of the first, as we report to God on our efforts, give him thanks for the answers, and ask for the things we need for the next step of our lives.

Thanks for ordering the book I wanted and sending it to me. If there is more space... I don’t know what else to ask for! Surprise me I guess. A white board that can fit inside of a normal sized backpack maybe? That is actually something that I have been looking for for a while now. Just something simple like they have in the  school where it’s just a small white board with no border. If you can fit it in, of course. We have changes on the 20th, so its next week, so I doubt it will get here before then. If it’s not here for transfers the secretaries are in my zone, and their house is like 30 minutes away. Also, I’ve got a hookup in the office, so they’ll get it to me. Thanks!

Love you. Nos vemos! Elder Rice



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