Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Guatemala Central : The New Order

Answers to your questions:Yeah, I´m pretty pilas in the kitchen. Just whippin’ out pizzas, and all the sister missionaries just wishing I was in their stake J My corn I planted is getting pretty big actually, and the carrots shot up out of nowhere! Irvin is pretty awesome, I would really like to come back some day and hang out with him.

The other day we took a guys electric piano apart and fixed it for him. He was super stoked, because they are incredibly poor. Some older missionary couple had given him the piano as a gift, and he takes care of it like crazy, but then his kids messed it up on the one day that he worked Sunday. He doesn´t break the Sabbath day anymore though!

Our new president is now in full command of the mission. So far nothing is different, we shall see what happens. We get to meet our new president this Friday. We are going to have a meeting with him, and hopefully he´ll get everybody lunch!

Yesterday I bought a straight razor to shave my face, but it is super way difficult. I just cut my face up, and still had to shave with a normal razor after...

This last week we were in a part super far away of our area, and all of a sudden we missed the last bus out of there, so we ended up having to walk like an hour and a half on a pitch black road back to our house. The good thing though is that we had some sweet views of the lake, with all the city lights on the other side of the lake. Pretty gorgeous place really.

For P-day yesterday we got a bunch of youth together and had a sweet game of indoor soccer. It was all great and everybody had a great time, except for one kid, probably about 14 or 15 years old. He was pretty angry looking all the time, like he wasn´t enjoying playing. He went flying one time after trying to body check me, the 160 pound gringo (He being only about 100 pounds) and got wrecked. Later a member told me that this kid sells drugs on the street... Hope he doesn´t kill me or anything :)

That’s super weird seeing grandma with the people that I work with here J Thanks for sending the pictures!

Happy Birthday! For the next one I´ll get you a sweet gift! Thank you for every effort you gave. Every day I recognize more and more that you were actually a pretty good mom!

Nos vemos! Elder Collin Rice

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