Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Elders in the 'hood

First of all: next week I will be writing on Monday. If you are going to write me please write before Monday! Thank you all! Next Tuesday we will be going to the famous Zone 1. The purpose of the 3 hour round trip.... Go to the nearest Wendy’s as a zone!

So for all ya'lls information, I am safe here, nothing really bad is going to happen to us. The following information is for entertainment purposes only!

 The other day we got on a bus here (An old school bus from the states used for public transportation) We noticed that the front window was all busted up. Upon closer inspection, the large spider web pattern seemed to originate from 3 small holes in the windshield, located about chest and neck level in front of the driver’s seat. Upon further inspection, the driver’s seat had recently been replaced with the front seat of a normal car, leading us to the conclusion that the bus probably got shot up not too long ago. Pretty neat.

 Also, a drunk guy the other day tried to rob us in broad daylight. He rather fancied my watch, and was determined to take it from me. You will all be happy to know that I talked him out of it and he just gave us a big hug instead. I don't much like being hugged by strange drunk guys, but it beats getting mugged I guess! For the most part the bad guys leave us alone, due to a super deep Christian culture shared by all, and while they continue to do things that I am sure God is not too stoked about, they show a respect for us, as they believe that we are sent from God, and for the most part leave us alone.

The other day while doing some ‘light reading’ I ran into what I believe to be the reason, or at least one of the reasons, that Jacob (Isaac's Son) became ridiculously rich. Genesis 28:22. More than just paying his tithing, as he surely knew that he should do, he committed himself before God to pay his tithing without fail, and then I am sure that he came through on that. Accordingly, when one day I become absurdly wealthy, ya'll will know why! ;)

We have been teaching a whole bunch of families lately! Coming up in the month of August we have 3 families that are going to get baptized! The first is actually 2- an older couple, and their son and his wife. The second, the family of the guy we baptized last week (his wife and 2 daughters). All of them came to church with us this last Sunday. We also have one more that we ran into the other day knocking doors: Eleazar, Miriam, and Pablo (their son). They have started reading the Book of Mormon and are praying to know if it is true. The last time we went by we had a great lesson, with a family of members there, and we talked about the plan of salvation, which they loved. We challenged them to be baptized and they decided to really find out for real if it is true or not. Then we talked about how other people would show up out of nowhere and tell them lies about us so that they don't get baptized (and we gave some common examples of these lies; such as that we worship Joseph Smith, that we have a huge statue of him in the chapel, that we don't believe in the Bible, etc) Anyways, as we were walking out the door a big group of about 15 people from the church where they go sometimes had showed up to visit them, as I am sure they had heard we were visiting them. It was pretty sweet, as I am sure they said all the things we said that they would say.

 Anyways, that’s all I got for this week

Elder Collin Rice


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