Tuesday, July 8, 2014

An Earthquake and Mayan Rocks

Yesterday I had the sweet opportunity to experience an earthquake of 6.6 magnitude! The epicenter was in San Marcos, which is a couple of hours away from where I am. At 5:30AM I woke up to a little tremor, which is pretty common here, it´s actually a cool sensation, when all of a sudden it just got stronger and stronger. Then our wimpy little house started shaking like crazy. I was just chillin’ in my bed thinking to myself:  “I hope the house doesn´t fall on us, because it is way too cold to get out of bed.” J Then all of a sudden it stopped, and I went back to sleep for 45 more minutes. Everybody was pretty stoked in the town about surviving the earthquake though.

Also, last week some men kidnapped a little girl in the nearby city of Sololá. The whole town got shut down. They put big trees in all of the roads out and they only let people out on foot, after checking them well. The whole town was in on the whole ‘pitchforks and torches thing’, and exclaimed that “justice by fire would be administered to the guilty”. They didn´t find the guys, but turns out the last time they burned somebody in the city park wasn´t actually as long ago as I thought...

Anyways, all goes well here. They are closing our area, so my companion and I both have changes tomorrow. This has been one of my favorite areas for the scenery, but one of the hardest for the people that live here. They are very traditional and don´t much like change. Our new mission president is great, and as of yet, there are no official changes in the mission, everything continues as is until further notice.

Mayan rocks and a handsome young man J

Yesterday we had a sweet P-day! We went and played soccer with some members in the morning, and then after went to see some sweet hidden Mayan rocks, with an incredible view of the lake! Then we came back and my companion and I won a free soda in a 2 on 2 soccer match with the local Physical Education Teacher. Photos of the rocks and lake will be sent to be put on the blog.

Adios! Elder Collin Rice

Sweet view of the lake. The sky is super clear because supposedly after an earthquake all the rain goes away
more of my area

Mayan rocks in the woods

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