Monday, July 14, 2014

Back up in ´da hood

We had changes last Wednesday. I am now in a place called Por Venir, Villa Hermosa. It is part of the big city here. Our house is super sweet compared with the last cave that we were living in. Lots of space, and a cement roof instead of sheet metal! The only problem is that even though there is a heated shower head in the house, nobody before has ever made the effort to install it, and I won´t have time to do it until tomorrow. So I have had to take cold showers the last 4 days. Also, even though we are inside the delivery range of both Pizza Hut and Dominos, apparently the don´t come anywhere near our neighborhood for ´´safety´´.

The weather here is a little hot and a little humid, but overall not too bad. It hasn´t rained yet since I have been here, but it probably will pretty soon. My new companion is Elder Smith, from Utah. Unlike my last gringo companion, he is actually a gringo, so now we are just two white boys cruisin´ around in the hood. He has only been here about a month longer than I have in the mission. We get along pretty well so far. He is well organized and walks pretty fast. Unlike all of my past areas, we don´t have a fixed cook here. There are a couple of members sort of nearby that we go by for lunch, but not every day. The food is good as always, but not the same as eating back home. We do still have someone who does our laundry for us for 150Quetz a month.

The people here are super more receptive to us. Coming out of a very traditional place of the world into a sort of modernized capital is a huge difference. It has been much different talking with the people from the city than the people from the mountains.

Time is going so fast. I only have 10 months left here.10 months is like no time at all! I am super stoked to go to college, so I am sure Jared is as well. I am definitely glad that I came on a mission first though. I have developed a lot of habits that will help a lot in college I think, and I have learned how to live on my own on a relatively short budget (even though sometimes I have cheated by using my personal debit card) Does Jared ever go out with the missionaries? If not you should tell the missionaries to try and get him to go out with them. J

 Anyways, all is well


Our mission zone

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