Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A plumbing lesson

The area where I am is the PorVenir, it is close to Boca de Monte in Villa Hermosa. We have alot more investigators here! The ward is huge, like 180 people attending. They are actually going to split the ward any day now. We have a normal chapel here. It’s pretty hot here, not like being in the coast, but still very hot.
It’s been a pretty good week. We had a baptism of a guy named Ovidio. Back in the day: narcotics trafficker, now.... a Mormon J He is pretty awesome. He is always super attentive, and understands really well. He also preaches to all of his old street contacts. He asks them if they have seen those 2 white boys that are always walking around, then tells them that ´´ he rolls with them´´ and that anytime they want we can go by and visit them and help them have a better life. Pretty much an awesome guy.

Also, a drunk guy stole my companions pen the other day. It was pretty hilarious for me. So this guy walks up to us while we are waiting for someone to open the door, shakes our hands, and then super-fast swipes my companions pen from his shirt pocket, and tells him he likes it and is going to keep it. As he was rather marked up with knife scars, we just kinda let it slide, and my companion tells him that he can just have the pen as a gift, he doesn´t have to steal it. So then he breaks down and starts crying and tells us about a time he got his phone robbed, and then the mugger said he liked this guys watch too, so our new drunk friend told him he could have it as a gift, and said he took at least one sin away from the mugger because he couldn´t rob the watch, as it was a gift. Then he was all like: “Thank you for making me stealing this pen not a sin”, and went his way... It was cra’y!

We had a lesson in some guys door the other day, and at the end my companion said a prayer to finish the lesson. During the prayer I fell asleep, and being on our feet, did a little face dive in the middle of the street. Rather embarrassing...
Peace out, Elder Rice

Have an ugly, coldwater faucet? Time to upgrade!
Requirements: New heated water shower head,wires, multi tool, electric tape, teflon tape, and assorted pvc tubing

step 1: Evict former residents

step 2: Without removing the old pipes, build right on top of it and make all connections as desired, being sure to use Teflon tape in all threads

step 3: Safety first

step 4: Wire the shower heater to the nearest powersource, preferably not a lightbulb. Be sure to wire it in parallel, as wiring the shower in series with the light will require that the shower be on in order to turn on the light, which is a huge pain

step 5: Baptize! J

Eating healthy and ridiculously cheap

Household meal creations... Pancake mix cake, and refried beans with eggs and extreme chile chips

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