Sunday, June 29, 2014

Grandmas Visit to Guatemala

The people in the branch love Collin. The Branch Pres. told me he walks so far every day to the top of the mountains with a smile on his face. The Pres. invites him over for food and he eats and eats and they laugh. The people in the branch all wanted to hug Lydia and I because we belonged to Collin. They love him so much. We gave his companion the gifts from home with a wink in his eye and any extra skittles in his pocket.
Here is a picture of the Branch President with Lydia and Kathi 

These are the mountains that Collin walks to every day.

This is Irvin. We fell in love with him. he is a new convert that Collin helped teach. He is one of the most fun, loving young man I have ever met. We took a complete set of engraved scriptures down to him.

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