Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Restoration Of the Running Water Of San Andres

We finally got running water back last Sunday in the morning. Wow, what a relief! Taking bucket showers here is the most awful experience!!! To cope we have been collecting rain water that runs off our roof for the ´´shower´´ and just using dirty dishes for all of our food. We also used a new technique in the bathroom called the bucket flush! Who would have thought that you can flush the toilet with half the water if you just pour the water straight into the toilet bowl to flush? We did have to do a pretty serious cleaning yesterday to bring the house back to livable standards, but all is well now.
You will all be very pleased to know that my small garden is growing finally. The corn is now about a foot tall, and the carrots finally came up.  Who knows if I will be here to harvest, but at least I´ll leave behind something cool for the next guy.

We had our first baptism in this area this last Sunday! His name is Irvin Giron, and he has to be the best convert I have had in my whole mission. The whole service went great, but the coolest part was at the end he got up and shared his testimony of what we had taught him, and his determination to serve God. It was awesome to see how much he changed his life after hearing the Gospel.

My new companion is from Honduras. His name is Elder Rodriguez and he is one of the best companions that I have had so far. He only has 1 more change after this one, so he has had lots of experience here as a missionary. He is very organized and a very good teacher, and I have been very happy with our companionship so far. He did have a pretty rough time coping with the lack of running water, but it’s all over now, so we´re good.

So, I talked to the mission president and he said that its best that I am in a different area the day that grandma comes down, so she won´t actually be able to see me, but I´m going to leave stuff with my companion for her to take back, and she can leave things with him for me if she can. (I thought of some things I would really like for Grandma to bring me J New black socks -the black Hanes ones are pretty good, or any other kind, just as long as they are thick and not of the dress style- And a huge bag of Swedish fish, if there is room J and some flashlights from Costco.) Just not really sure if and or how I should tell grandma...

That’s all for now folks,
Love, Collin 


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