Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It's the final countdown...

This week marked the start of the last year in which I will be a full time missionary. I have learned a lot, come to love God and Jesus much more than ever before. We´re on the home stretch. You know what that means... Homestretch sprint baby! Today we got up at 4am to get all our studies in before we went to zone training. Pretty much every day we are up early. Only on P-day (our preparation day) we sleep in until... 6AM!!! The other day some members told my companion that he wasn´t made out of wood, that sometimes we needed to rest, and he just replied that his companion is made out of steel and didn`t need to sleep or even eat. Made me lol.

We had 3 more baptisms this last Sunday. The new goal: Baptize somebody-Every.Single.Weekend.The mission president has taken some drastic measures to reach this goal. There are 2 missionaries that don´t have an area. They just go from one area to another, sleeping in the house of the missionaries, traveling by the old school bus transport lines, teaching the missionaries how to teach better. Basically they are homeless missionaries. It is super sweet. They had a car, but somebody totaled it, so now just the clothes on their back, the destroyed shoes on their feet, and the gospel written on their hearts. Not going to lie, I´m pretty jealous.

I´m gonna pop some tags.... only got 50Quetz in my pocket. Yep- Believe it: 7 kids snap on ties, 3 vests para these 3 kids that were baptized, a tuxedo style shirt with all the frilly stuff in the middle (which I am totally rocking right now), and a SWEET waterproof jacket from REI in basically new condition. For less than the cost of one meal back home. I may come back to Guatemala just to go thrift shopping.

Sorry,that’s all. My time totally flew by! Love you a lot!
Elder Arrozcito

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