Thursday, January 22, 2015

Welcome to the Jungle!

Last week my companion and I started heading out to some of the nearer aldeas (a small rural settlement)in the area. We went to one about 5km away that was incredible. The trail to get there was like being in the jungle. Today we are going back, so we will get pictures. Since it is quite a hike to get there, we decided to just eat lunch out there, so we asked one of the families that we contacted and taught if we could come eat lunch with them. They were totally fine with it! That is the great part about the people here, if they can help you out they are usually more than willing to do so. Everybody in the little town thought we were Catholics, as that is the only church they have out there. It was way interesting. On the way back at about 6pm (it was already getting dark) we contacted some hitchhikers on the main road. Turns out 2 were from the States and 1 was from Turkey. They were trying to get to the beach about 2 or 3 hours away before night. It was pretty funny how out of place they were, and how they were just in the middle of nowhere with no plan and nighttime very close at hand. Hope they made it alright!

A couple of nights ago I was telling my companion ghost stories that were supposedly real here in Guatemala. He started getting creeped out, so I stopped. He looked down to write something in his agenda, and when he looked back up one of the neighbors was standing still right outside the window. He let out a huge yell. It was pretty hilarious. Not gonna lie, it kinda freaked me out too when I saw the neighbor standing there like he had just appeared!

My companion, Elder Schafer, is from Idaho. He is a great missionary. He has been helping me get everything in order in the house, the stats papers, the records, and all that stuff. He is a great guy that has got building up God`s kingdom at the top of his list of things to do J  I got him in emergency changes, so it is very likely that on the 4th of February we will have changes again. I`m about 99.9 percent sure I`ll be moved to a new area that day. It is alright though, I'll be leaving the area in good hands.

That’s a bummer Jared will be going back to BYU-I just before I get home. If he can`t make it back for a visit when I get home maybe I`ll just go out there. I want to check out the campus anyways. Nothing back from BYU-Provo yet?

3 months and 9 days baby... the countdown is on. Just until April 30th.... Not sure my body will do much more J Don`t know if you can even do that…
Love you lots! Elder Rice

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