Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sudden changes...Oh my!

So my ‘mission son’ (mission lingo for a new missionary that someone is in charge of training) had emergency changes on Saturday. I was on divisions with other missionaries in my district when they called and said my companion would have changes that same morning. The assistants came to pick him up, so they picked me up on the way, I said good bye, and they dropped me off some fresh meat. My new companion is named Elder Schafer. He is an amazing missionary. He knows why he is here and has his head in the game so to speak. We are getting along pretty great so far. We didn`t reach the goal of baptizing anybody this week, but we have at least 3, probably more, planned for the 25th of this month. The countdown is on and the pressure is higher than ever before. I have three and a half more months to bring as many people as I can to repentance and baptism.

I read a really good question the other day that Jesus asked. ´´What shall I give ye?´´ (It goes something like that, I read it in Spanish) God promises that if we ask with faith, he will give us our righteous desires. What do we really want from God? Do we ask him for the things we really want, and expect them to be given us? Do we ask God to teach us what we want to learn? Or do we just ask for the things that we always hear people asking for, or even the things we have always asked for. In the district meeting today I asked my district this same question. They are all pretty new missionaries. I phrased the question like this: “What would you guys like me to teach you in the practice today?” I invited them to stop and ponder for a minute. After a really long silence, one of them told me about a family they are teaching, and a problem that, even though not that serious, was rather difficult to answer. So I had them all sit in a bench in front of me and pretend to be the family, and I took the role of both missionaries, and taught them like I would have taught that family. Afterwards, we analyzed a little bit, and the missionary thanked me for helping him clear up how to solve this problem. It was way cool, because everybody was way more involved, and way more interested in what I taught them, because it was his own question that I was going to answer. It was a really neat teaching technique that I learned from the example of Christ, that worked out really well. STUDY YOUR SCRIPTURES GUYS! THEY ARE AWESOME!

Also, I totally rocked the tuxedo shirt (mentioned last week) hard enough that now, as I give it as a gift to a member, he is going to wear it with pride every Sunday. When I bought it everyone was like: “Dude, that shirt is ridiculous! Don`t get it!” All it took though was a little style and a bunch of overconfidence, and everybody in the branch loves it!

You can get rid of my bed if you want. I would like to have a desk when I get back, but then again, my plan is to go to college and not live with you forever, so yeah, you can go ahead and get rid of the bunk bed thing.

Love, Elder Rice

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