Thursday, December 4, 2014

Working hard.

This week we went hard on the hard labor. My companion and I helped mix cement on the ground with a shovel, dig a big trench, chop a bunch of wood, clear out an over grow flowerbed, move a whole ton of heavy rocks, and chop more wood. With this animal sun you all would be surprised how much the body can sweat! I love this country, and I love this town. This weekend we had 2 convert baptisms, and 1 girl who is 8 years old that has a father that is a less active member . My companion and I bought a cake for about 5 dollars that turned out being ridiculously too much cake for everybody. I was going to send the pictures, but I left the camera at home.

I can`t believe how fast time is going by! This Christmas is pretty much going to be my last call home, as the real last one is going to be probably the same week I return to my homeland. The time that passed between the Christmas call and the Mothers Day call felt so short... and time is only going faster and faster. Not really sure what I am going to eat back home, as there are not really any places that make bread or tortillas like I've gotten used to

All goes well here. It gets hotter and hotter every week, but I`m used to it now. Even the people that have lived here their whole lives complain about the heat!
Anyways, Love you lots, NOS VEMOS!!! Elder Rice

P.S. Any word on the college apps?

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