Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Things are getting crazy for Christmas!

To start off the week with my new missionary companion, an inactive member of the church was murdered last week. The branch president was working far away, the Elders quorum president was super, super sick in bed, and well, they are about the only 2 that could speak in a funeral service.... So the task fell on us. They called us with about 10 minutes warning that they needed us to direct and speak at the funeral service. Long story short, my newly arrived companion had to speak in front of about 100 people not of our faith on his first day. It was... interesting...

Then, this last Sunday, we both had to talk, as the people assigned to speak didn`t show up. It was pretty great. While I was up front giving some loving chastening about keeping the Sabbath day holy and obeying the Word of Wisdom, a lady stood up and accused one of our investigators of saying she wanted to kill her. Then she started yelling at everybody for not smiling at her or saying hello, grabbed a guys hand and then fell backwards onto the floor. After which she got up, yelled some more, sat back down, stood back up, yelled some more, told me to keep talking up front, sat down in the front row, stood up, and left.... The new people we had brought were... less than impressed.... You just never know what you`ve got to be ready for, eh?

I was feeling the burning sensation in my bones that indicates dengue`s big brother Chikunguña last Tuesday. Miraculously, it hasn`t hit me yet, so I think your prayers helped out! Thanks!

You could keep writing Elder Lemus. He would like that! My new companion is great! I totally forgot to write about him in the weekly letter. Remind me to write about him next week.

All is well here! The earthquakes aren’t too serious. They just make all the people say that the Bible says that there will be earthquakes before the end of the world. If you are familiar with the Pharisees in the New Testament, it is basically exactly how the ‘religious people’ act. It’s pretty funny really.

We will be Skyping on the 25th. Info is limited, but just in case get me your Skype, and dads too if you can.

I know my flight home date already! My Zone Leader bought it a couple of months ago before they sent him here.
Adios! Love you lots!

Baptisms 11/29/14
It's a bit hot and sweaty!
Our mission zone
Elder Lemus and Elder Rice

Our little fridge. Cookies, refried beans and eggs :)

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