Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hagame un favor porfavor

Thanks for all the updates, and the picture! After a vigorous cleaning campaign and a great slaughter among the mosquitos, I have effectively purged our dwelling of the pagan insects. Also, I took some money out because we ran out of money, and my companion doesn´t have a personal card or money from his family or anything. I bought him McDonalds J

 So, it´s almost the end of this change, but better late than never right? Here’s a little info about my companion. Elder Alvarez is from here in Guatemala, in the capital. His mission was for Venezuela, but his visa never came. Instead of being reassigned, he decided to continue his mission here in Guatemala. He is something special. He really loves all of the people here and has an incredible way of telling stories. He knows a lot of stories, and uses them a lot. Right now we are about 4 hours from his house, but his first area was 15 minutes away walking. He didn´t stay there long though. He is super friendly with everybody, but not too challenging…So I get the privilege of being the tough missionary when people don´t do what they say they will-which has been a bit of a change adopting an Alpha personalityJ. We get along exceptionally.
That’s really all for this week I think.Other than we had to get up at 4:30am 3 days in a row this week... seriously difficult...

  I still haven’t heard anything about calling on Christmas. Can I just get you our number here and have ya´ll call me?

 So my companion doesn´t get much email. If you could write him something short and sweet and Google translate it that would be super nice Jrigoberto.alvarez@myldsmail.net

thanks! Love, Collin


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