Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Be Pilas!

Just letting you all know that we used our Custom Painted Machete... It´s super effective!  With my new and improved lawn mower we were able to cut all our grass in about 10 minutes, but still, it’s about 8 seconds worth of work with a lawnmower, or even just a weed whacker. J

 Not much new stuff going on recently, just teaching people the good word every day, all day, under the hottest sun I have felt in my life. J I love when it rains, it´s like taking a cold shower and washing your clothes at the same time. Also, when the people see us getting soaked and still visiting people, they are way more receptive.

 (These were all answers to question I asked Collin:)
I don´t know anything about the Christmas call yet, I´ll let you know when I do though.

 They don´t celebrate Thanksgiving here sadly, but I´ll be sure to enjoy it.

 The internet cafes here are just rooms with a bunch of computers, nobody has one in their house.

 The kids we always play soccer with on P-day almost never bring shoes, and if they do they bring crocs of flip-flops.

 Thanks for the reminder about the gloves I brought. I actually put some in the bottom of my backpack and carry them around all the time now to avoid any more blisters.

 As far as money to get my comp some Christmas stuff, that is definitely ok, I was hoping to be able to do something for him anyways.

Pilas does mean cool (more or less) another great Guatemalan word is Chambóne, which is used to refer to somebody really lazy

Not too much to write about this week...

 Elder Rice


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