Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How to Make a Customized Guatemalan Lawn Care Machete and other pics

I have a ton of pictures to send, so I might not write much

Customized Lawn Care Tool

·         Step one, acquire home lawn and garden tool from your local hardware store for 3 dollars.

·         Clean well with soap and water and let dry. Apply Flat Black spray paint in even thin coats to both sides of the tool

·         Allow adequate time for the paint to dry (approximately 6 seconds if you live on the Central American coast)


·         Spray liberally shiny red spray paint onto small piece of cardboard (preferably taken from a large Dominos pizza box) and flick drops of paint on the business end of your custom tool. Apply larger splats as desired. Allow sufficient drying time (again, approximately 6 seconds in direct sunlight)

·         Take the metal file you bought to sharpen your tool and use it to mess up your beautiful artwork, leaving behind some stupid cliché marking, and then messing it up so it looks even more stupid. You now have a customized lawn care/homeland defense tool

 The three photos are of breakfast, lunch and dinner on one day. I was able to find and use yeast, so the pizza was awesome!



The spider from last week.
Various baptisms that we´ve had recently.


Celebratory measures in commemoration of completing 6 months of dedicated service!


A picture of the after effects of splitting wood for an hour in white shirt and tie.

My shoes currently on active duty. The boots are combat boots from El Salvador that I use when we go off road or when it’s raining a lot, and the shoes I found in the MegaPaca (literally translated Mega Thrift Shop) for about 7 dollars. They are made by vibram and quite possibly the most comfortable shoes I have ever had :)


So I was thinking the other day about all the trips that we took, and I remembered those sweet cloth bag things with like a clear material window, that were filled with rice and various things that you had to search for. Pretty awesome things Mom, thanks.

Love Collin


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