Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Noche Buena

 Our normal internet place is closed for the Noche Buena, and this place doesn´t have an up to date browser... sooooo... I get to spend tons of time loading up these photos and I can´t write while they load. The place here doesn´t let me multitask, it’s like internet Explorer 4. Anyways, you’re going to see the sweet coconut that I got for approximately 40 cents, some sweet rocks, a factory putting out outrageous amounts of smoke... some more rocks… my new companion Elder Martinez, and the calzone that I made from scratch in our toaster oven (we have been making some sweet food recently).
So we had to wake up at 2am to get to the temple by 6am on Friday for the Christmas activity. It was ridiculously early. I could hardly believe it, but just getting dressed-at 2am-both of us were sweating. It was incredible. It just never cools down here. For the Christmas activity we went to the temple at 6am, then we went to a nearby stake center and played sports for a while. After which we ate a super bomb dinner of mashed potatoes, roast chicken, brownies, and bread-not the same as eating at home-but still it was really good compared to what we usually have. Then we went out to get our packages, and I helped my companion carry his two. Mine didn’t make it. L (pause while Mom bursts into tears…)  I knew you would feel really bad, so I thought about just telling you I got it. It´s all good though, I´ll get myself a chocolate bar or something J  Our mission president got a few things for all the people who didn´t get packages. Basically the Latinos and meL kinda weird that mine didn´t make it though. I´ve actually been pretty bummed the last few days over that... buuutttt... it´s all ok.

So today we are going with a family that lives here tonight from 8:30 to 12:45 to celebrate Christmas, and then we are going to get up tomorrow at 6:00am to be able to get all our stuff done and then get phone calls. OK, got to go, love you mom, talk to you tomorrow.

 Love ya,

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