Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mayan Rocks

So not too much has been going on recently. We baptized the people that were progressing and now we don´t have anyone really learning, so we talked with a whole ton of people this week. We contacted almost 500 different people this week, either knocking doors or talking to people in the street, and we found like 38 people to start teaching. About half have told us that they don´t want to listen to us anymore, but we still were left with a pretty good amount of people to teach.
We have changes tomorrow, so I get to wake up super early and travel in a hot smelly bus 2 or 3 hours to get there at 9am. Gonna be fun! I´ll be staying here in my area for Christmas, but I will get a new companion. Thanks for writing Elder Alvarz. I´ll let you know about my new companion next week J  
So this last week I split my pants open while we were lifting some heavy stuff about 15 minutes away from our house... quite a walk back to the house... But it´s all good, I already sewed them back up.

 I almost forgot about our P-day yesterday! We went exploring in a sugar cane field, because supposedly there were some cool rocks and stuff. So we found them, and they were AWESOME! Some huge rocks with faces carved in them and stuff. One of them supposedly represents Lehi, the Nephites, and the Lamanites, and the various tribes they had. I got some pictures I´ll try to send next week, it´s pretty awesome. They were just chilling in the middle of a huge field. I love how there they are and nobody here goes to vandalize them. They are just there for anybody who finds them.

Sorry to hear it’s so cold there. The heat here is terrible. It’s incredible sweating at 8:00am without doing anything. I have pretty much gotten used to it in the sense that I just sweat a lot and drink a lot of water and it doesn´t bother me that I´m dripping sweat all the time.

Elder Rice

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