Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 17

This week I will be describing one activity that we do regularly for fun! So we have these buses here that we use to travel around the city. They are all school buses brought down from the USA, and then painted like race buses. They put a hand rail thing on the roof in the middle, because the bus rarely ever stops, they just slow down enough for you to get on and off. Its super fun! Anyways, every time we get on a bus one of us stands up in the front and shares a short message with everybody on the bus, and then we pass by everyone and try to get their address to visit them another day. Its pretty fun walking around the bus while it’s moving and turning and stuff!
Something very different here is that everyone is Christian, and professes to be Christian (whether they practice it is another story) so we always have a pretty easy time starting out talking with people.
Also, a short funny little story. We had a reference that we went to teach a couple times. So we went by there for like the 3rd or 4th visit, and her 4 year old daughter came to answer the door. So we ask to talk to her mom, she runs back in the house, and comes back and says (in Spanish of course) ¨She’s not here¨ so we ask her who told her to say that and she responded ¨mi mama¨. Now whenever we pass by there the daughter always says her mom isn’t there right away, even when her mom waves at us and we talk with her. J
Also, I found some potential candidates for boots, about 500 or less quetzales. I’ll wait another week or two and see what I can find, because I don’t want to buy something that is going to suck. I am not sure there are good enough boots to keep my feet dry, I might look for shoes with drainage instead J
Things are great with the comp! Glad to see you guys are enjoying the summer! Thanks for the pictures!
Keep it real, Elder Rice

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