Thursday, September 12, 2013

hola mi amigos!


I don’t have a lot of things to write about, but we had some cool stuff this week. Yesterday we had P-day as a zone. We went to a big synthetic grass field and played soccer for two hours. We have 18 people in our zone, so plenty to play full field. Soccer is one of my new favorite pass times, and even that Latinos say that I play very well! J I got suuppper tan yesterday, and have an awesome watch line!
I noticed in the water polo pictures you sent that Andrea took my number. (Go #2!) I really miss swimming.
We had some pretty big earthquakes here this past week. It is a pretty sweet feeling! Like, the whole earth is just... shaking! It’s awesome! Luckily there wasn’t any damage in our area.
 Our water has been fixed for a while now, we are back to our regular low pressure dirty running water. We still have tons and tons of rain, with crazy thunder almost every day. We haven’t seen any more volcanic activity, but we keep watching!

 Anndddd... I am still living quite happily on oatmeal, tortillas, beans from a bag (which are the consistency of toothpaste, and come out... like toothpaste.. it’s awesome) and mozzarella cheese- which for some reason is much cheaper. The burritos taste kinda like pizza, but it’s not worth the extra money for different cheese J

Keep it real, Elder Rice

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