Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Otra semana ha venido y pasado (another week has come and gone)

So yesterday we got a bunch of the youth together to play some more soccer. About 10 minutes in a crazy rainstorm rolled in and soaked everybody! But we only have one day a week to play soccer, so we made everyone stay and keep playing J

This last Sunday, September 15 was Independence Day here in Guatemala. It was loco. All of the school bands marching around playing instruments.. all day... Tons of homemade fireworks everywhere in the streets.. all day.. every single little kid had a whistle that they blew.. all day.. annddddd nobody was home to teach.. Other than that it was pretty sweet! They go all out for the 15th of September, even though pretty much nobody knows why they do any of the traditions that they do here.
We have changes this Wednesday, but Elder Maldonado and I are both staying here another 6 weeks at least. That’s pretty much all for this week, I´ll try and get some more pictures for next week. It takes all of the time we have to send like 9 or 10 pictures

 Sorry to hear you all are tired out. Sadly as missionaries in Guatemala Central, we don’t have time to rest J The field is white and ready to harvest, therefore, thou mayest rest when thou diest. I imagine that it’s actually a little like the army being here in this mission. Our theme as a mission is the stripling warriors and how we are soldiers in war with Satan. We work so hard... Life is going to be a cakewalk when I get back J

Thanks for the updates!

Peace out, Elder Rice


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