Friday, September 27, 2013

un araña

I brought my camera this week to send some photos... but I forgot the cable... So you will all have to wait another week J You asked what I miss most: I don´t really miss too many things from home, more so the things that I could do- like go swimming, go to the movies, hang out with friends and family, shoot guns... stuff like that. We have pretty good’ish food, real beds, hot’ish water to shower. Not too many physical things that I miss.

Every Monday we go buy groceries for the week. I have about 3 weeks worth of oatmeal, and 2 weeks worth of pancake powder right now, so usually I just have to buy tortillas, beans, and cheese. The super market here is like a super cheap smallish supermarket in the states. Its clean and well organized, indoors with AC. I can buy pretty much anything that I could want here. They have candy from the states. But we don’t have money to buy that type of thing. I started making pancakes for breakfast. Its normal powder stuff to make pancakes, but it has vanilla flavor! It’s awesome!

We usually walk everywhere we go during the day. Every once in a while we take a bus, but not very often. The streets here are crazy. And the sidewalk- if there is a side walk-is usually blocked by cars or telephone poles, so we usually just walk in the street. The drunk hobos usually try to follow us around and ask us for money, but we walk SO fast. It took the first 2 months here to get used to walking so fast all day. It takes about 30 minutes for us to walk from one side of our area to the other, but that is walking super fast.

This week a monster, the locals call it un araña, entered our house while we were away, and to my great horror we discovered it in our house at about 9:30pm. I had to kill it with the broom. It was about the size of a half dollar, a little bit bigger, but it wasn´t the kind that has super skinny legs, this bad boy lifted weights. It was the biggest spider I have ever seen, and it was an evil black color.

Glad to hear both Jared and Andrea are stone cold killers (at water polo). The rainy season ends in about a month, so I am just going to suck it up and wait and buy new shoes when I need them. Also, I got assigned as the leader of retention of converts in our district. Pretty cool.

Love, Collin

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