Friday, October 4, 2013

Not much written, but he sent some pics

We get to have the weekend to watch all of the sessions of General Conference, and then P-day Monday. Whoop!

I don’t know about the call home for Christmas yet, I have heard it’s through Skype, but I’m not sure. Prepare some talking points and questions and stuff! Ideas for  Christmas... socks maybe J the nice strong kind. I really like these ones with the bright colored toes, because they never get mixed up in the laundry with my companion. A pair or two more of these sweet pants that we got at the LDS missionary store. A Portland Timbers soccer jersey, long or short sleeve, size medium... And maybe some candy. White or normal chocolate, skittles, Reeses pieces, etc. But I can get candy here, so maybe not. Anyways, some ideas there.
That's super awesome about Jared and Andrea being in the newspaper!

Here's some pictures- I can´t see what they are though, so I pretty much just sent a bunch of random ones...
Family we baptised

My companion and I...being awesome

My comp at our apartment- there's some pics of me on the wall if you look close!

Lake Amatitlan on a P-Day visit. Beautiful!

Check out my tan line!

Family Baptism

Internet time is over, back to work!

Love you lots, Collin


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