Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pics from the zoo!

Still working hard and doing good stuff here in Guatemala! Coming up on changes again, and since I have been here for 3 changes already, I think I will be moving to another area L I have come to love so many people here in my area and will be super sad to leave. But I am also super excited to see more parts of the country. More than likely I will be going either to the mountains, where it’s really cold and super intense leg work outs from all the hills, or to the coast, where it is incredibly hot and humid.

We went to the zoo last week. It was a super normal experience. I never really got too much joy out of going to the zoo... Anyways, photos were sent to my beloved mother to post online J

Also, we bought a gallon of homemade ice cream the other day... for about 4 dollars. Ya´ll should be jealous.

I bought boots yesterday. They are great, and only 20 dollars, more or less. I’m going to use them until the end of this change and if they still work well buy another pair. The Ecco Tracks that I brought still have some life in them, but not much, so I am going to save them until my last change and absolutely murder them, then wear them on the way home, and bronze them when I get back! J

Love, Elder Rice

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