Monday, October 7, 2013

Apparently things are AWESOME!

I sent pictures last week instead of a letter. I know you were all super worried that I didn´t write and all. J

 Glad to hear all is well at home! We have had a lot of baptisms, and all of the pictures where I am dressed in white I baptized at least one person. It’s pretty awesome. We do a ton of tracting door to door and talking to random people. We have to talk to at least 35 people every day, and invite them to learn more about the gospel.

The rain is going to quit supposedly pretty soon. Our umbrellas got destroyed like a month or two ago, so we just walk around completely open…but completely soaked.. It’s awesome! J

 General Conference was pretty awesome too! They had it on a projector here in the chapel, voiced over in Spanish, but all of the North American missionaries watched it in another room live streamed over the internet. We watched all 10 hours. Conference weekend here is affectionately called P-day weekend, as we pretty much just hang out with our whole zone in the chapel all day. Between sessions we left to bring more people to watch the next one, or else teach lessons to investigators that came and are staying for the next one. That was pretty much the highlight of the week. I got like 10 pages of notes from the conference, and I only wrote things that I could use in missionary work. There was so much stuff said! This was the first conference that I didn´t fall asleep-and watched all of the sessions. It was awesome! (check out if you'd like to know more about what general conference is)

 Tomorrow we are going to the zoo with our zone. It is going to be super cool! I wanted to go play soccer on a big synthetic field with the zone, and we were going to go do that, but then somebody changed their vote to go to the zoo instead. It´s all good, as long as it doesn´t rain too much it will be super awesome.

I am coming up on 6 months, and nobody refers to me as the new elder anymore. In fact, I have been in the zone longer than almost everyone else. I love my mission, and I am trying my best to make the most of it. I have learned that sometimes people pass through really hard times, but hard work, preparation, and planning will always bring great satisfaction.

Lots of love,
Elder Rice



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