Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Not much to talk about this week. Some pump farther down the line from our Colonia is busted, so nobody in our neighborhood has running water for…going on 12 days I think... It’s. Awesome.

Well, we have one investigator that is really I feel like MY first real convert. He lives with his soon to be wife who is inactive. We just baptized their daughter this last Sunday, but she is 8 with at least one member parent and therefore doesn’t count as a missionary baptism. But the people here don’t know that. Anyways, we went and taught her, and at the same time her dad and now he is like our best friend. He is a “pull yourself up by your boot straps” hard working guy about 30 years old. He left his country for Guatemala at 16 years old. Anyways, he gives us rides all the time, and we had pizza with his family the other night. We are just waiting for his papers from Nicaragua so he can get married and we can baptize him.

My companion is great. He is very humble, and we get along very well. I can’t believe how fast time is going by!

If you could send some super sweet pictures of the Portland temple that would be great! J  Well, so far I have read up to almost the end of 2 Kings in the Old Testament, and Mosiah 19 in El Libro de Mormon. Interesting stuff I read through Mosiah 4 this week (in Spanish). It is a very good chapter! The King Benjamin final words are a little bit more meat than most of the investigators are ready for, so I probably won’t leave this chapter for them to read, but it is very good! You should see my scriptures, you would be proud. All marked up with about 60 little color coded tabs :)  Also, you would be proud of all the cleaning I do too!

As far as people asking me for money, I don’t even carry my wallet on most days, so no problem there J  Also, I never actually give them money, but I always have to explain that we are here to help them spiritually, not economically. Also, with the flag I was thinking more of like a cloth patch type thing, but it really isn’t that big of a deal at all, maybe I’ll slap a Mexico flag on there J Having a super ghetto umbrella helps with the poor boy look too!

Don’t worry about sending my boots. 60 dollars is quite a bit if it is something that I can find here. I´ll look and see what I can find. I definitely have a little too much pride to wear rubber boots. I will look tomorrow and let you know what I find. (our P-day got changed this week because we are going to the temple tomorrow)

 I recently discovered that they sell refried black beans in these awesome squeeze bags here, so I have been eating a lot of burritos this last week! I don’t know why I never really ate beans before, because they are delicious! I heard somewhere that beans, rice, and corn together make a full protein, so with this info I have started my journey to get huge in the next 20 months! I anticipate at least 30% more baptisms if I can put on another 10 pounds of muscle. (just kidding!)

 Also, I am a little disappointed that nobody mentioned how awesome it is that I saw a volcano erupting L
Nos vemos,
-Elder Rice

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