Tuesday, August 20, 2013

La semana de lluvia (the week of rain)

Glad to hear everything is going well! I can hardly believe it’s been 3 months already. As far as health I’m doing all right. Healthy, but I have gained ten pounds J  As far as learning to tolerate the fruit here, I have developed my ability to detach from reality for a moment and eat the fruit. At least I don’t gag anymore though!

Also, I got music from my companion, so don’t worry about trying to resend the USB. (I mailed one to him, but it never got there) but a few things that I might want are a little sew on flag patch thing of the Oregon flag, because I am tired of all of the drunk people speaking English with me and asking me for money! When I say that my country is Oregon they don’t bother me J  Also, I was thinking about asking for my black combat boots, maybe for Christmas or something, if they can fit, but I’m not sure. It would depend how much it would cost to send them, because if it is a lot it would just be better to buy them here. They would be nice because my feet are getting wrecked from walking in shoes full of dirty water all day.

Wow! What an incredible week for nature! To start off the week we saw a volcano erupting about 100 km away at night. Que incredible! The lava was shooting hundreds of feet into the air and in the night sky. It was super awesome! Sadly we were out doing our missionary thing, so we didn’t have cameras.

Then for the last 3 days we have had an incredible amount of rain! The rain just dumps out of the sky. Fortunately they have an awesome drainage system here, called “the streets”. All of the streets had 3 to 4 inches of running water. And the streets aren’t flat here, the water really runs- Like a river! And we get the great privilege of walking in the streets during these awesome rainstorms. We have umbrellas that we bought here, but the rain combined with blocking the waterpark status waves that the cars shoot at us, have completely destroyed mine. We usually get home dripping wet, but it’s all good, I really don’t mind all that much. In fact, many more people invite us inside when its dumping down water J The only bad part about the high tech drainage systems is that at the bottom of the hills the rivers form small lakes. Walking through them sucks, cause the water is nasty, but we make up for it by skipping rocks while we walk. It’s pretty sweet to skip a rock down a street/lake.

This week I made an interesting discovery. The bills (money) here are actually from some bank in Canada! I’ll try to send a picture next week of the fine print, but I’m sure ya’ll can look it up on Google.

See ya in 21 months
Any ways, lots of love, -Elder Rice

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