Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Finally got some pictures!

We had another 2 baptisms this past Sunday! It was great. And we have a list of about 20 or 30 more people that are listening to us and in various stages of learning. But both of my companions will be transferred tomorrow and I will get a new companion. I am both sad and excited.

Yesterday we got a call that told us we needed to go to the Capital to sort out some legal problems with our Peruvian companion. So we had to travel almost 2 hours in various buses to get there, and then sit about 3 hours and wait before heading home. It was greeeaaat... But, fortunately I have a short story for ya´ll today.

The buses in the city are different than our busses. They are more like a light rail train with wheels that drives on their own special highway. Anyways, we went to get on the bus, and my two companions got on first, and this little Guatemalan lady pushed in front of me to get on. So the doors start closing and I need to be on the bus or else I would be separated from my companions. So I just plow on in and barely make it. Almost. When the doors closed my foot was still on the out side, and the doors closed quite firmly. So we leave the bus station, and my foot is still stuck outside the bus, and people were yelling and my companions were pushing on the door trying to open it, and I was trying to pull my foot back in. It was great. And the thing with the driving here is that my foot was well within striking distance of other cars or buses. So I couldn’t just wait until the next stop. Anyways, that’s my exciting story for the week. 

Mom, you get 9 internet points for your answer regarding last weeks scripture.

I haven’t received the USB you sent with the music on it yet. We have changes tomorrow, so if I don’t get it then you should send another one. I would say just email some songs every week, and maybe that is the best way, but it takes several minutes to upload a word document here so... there is that. As far as things we can’t get that I would like you to send, there isn’t really anything so far. We pretty much just teach, preach and do as missionaries do all day, then go home and sleep. So I haven’t really been wanting much of anything. I’ll be sure to let you know when I do though. Also, I do not need G2 pens anymore.

As far as living conditions go, its nothing to brag about, but we have food and water and everything we need. The shower isn’t bad, we pumped up the juice on the heater thing and now it’s a little better, we only have short burst of cold water. The toilets are the one thing I would wish to be better. Enough said.

I have a whole new perspective now, and am glad to hear you are helping the missionaries. Also, you should encourage Jared to go on splits. Or I should I guess. We have some youth here that go with us lots and I wish I had done it before my mission.

I’m a little sad about Fin Diesel,(his fish died L) but it’s all good. There is a tiny aquarium shop in our area, and I could buy a fish tank and fish here for about 7 dollars (albeit, a tiny one with a gold fish) but we are not allowed to have pets L

Attached are some random pictures, I am out of time, so next week I will try to help with captions better. Love, Elder Rice

Elder Rice and Elder Vallejos

International Dining ;)

Getting our shoes shined at the park

The rooms at the CCM (Guatemala MTC)

Fellowshipping night with our ward

Collin and his companions Elder Vallejos and Elder Flores

A Baptism

Homemade Tortillas!

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  1. Love reading your blog...the people there look so nice...They look friendly and kind...good people...glad you are teaching them. And you and your companions are so handsome!