Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hola Amigos!

Wow do the weeks fly by. I feel like I was just here. You will all be glad to know that I have at last determined the finest panedaria in the area and purchased a weeks worth of sweet bread for a dollar and some change.. more or less. Nothing really special happened this week. Just work as usual.

I received a few questions which I will now enlighten you all with the answers:

First is regarding the day of preparation, informally known as ¨P-day¨. We usually wake up at about 5:00am (to have more time to... ¨prepare¨). Exercise, shower, etc like normal. Then we usually leave to go buy our groceries for the week, which consists of oatmeal, brown sugar, bread, and these dope cookies that are super cheap here. Next we go print off pictures that Elder Vallejos wants. He is finishing his mission in 1 month, so he has entered the “take pictures of everything and print them” stage. After that we take care of anything that we need to get done, go back to our house and he sleeps while Elder Flores and I make good food to eat (since we usually don’t have time).

Yesterday I made tortillas from corn flour, which were delicious. But I decided not to stop there, so I deep fried them! Then I figured while I am at it, I may as well deep fry a slice of bread. Delicious! Anyways, then I either read something I have been wondering about, write letters, read letters, or just whatever I have to do.

Every morning we have 30 minutes of exercise. Usually it just consists of abs, because we are too tired to do much of anything. That’s really all there is to exercises.

As far as visiting cool stuff here, we almost never get the chance. The trip to Antigua last week was one that many of the people in our zone had been waiting a long time for.

As of now I still have the same 2 companions, but next week I will be getting a new trainer. Elder Flores will stay though. That will make 7 different companions since I entered the CCM on May 15. I have no idea why I have been in a trio the whole time, I really don’t like it. I have liked all of my companions, but 3 missionaries is just too many 24/7.

My clothes and shoes are holding up great so far, but even if they weren’t, one of our 9 baptisms we just had is excellent at sewing and always wants to help us. We got our shoes shined in the park yesterday just for giggles (its only 3Qs or about 30 something cents) and the guy did a great job! My shoes still look new. I’m not worried at all about my shoes. I do wish that I had more pairs of pants though.

This week I would like to share the scripture Alma 37:44 with you all. Anyone who can tell me why this is significant will receive 10 internet points (approximate value of 0 dollars)

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