Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Keep on Keeping on

Well, another week already. The days are long, but the weeks are short!
Stats first!
v 1 person baptized this week, with 10 or 11 more on the 21st.
v We talked with 429 people on the street this week.
v The high score for steps taken this week is 18433, which was over 8 miles.
v I drank 3.3 liters of lemon lime soda, and I bought 1200 grams of oatmeal yesterday.

My trainer, Elder Vallejos, has 2 more changes and then he goes home to Costa Rica, after my training he is done. Because of this I get insane pressure from him to be better always because he wants a better missionary than him left here when he leaves. He is an extra-ordinary missionary, so the bar is high... My other companion is Elder Martinez. He is from Ecuador and he´s pretty cool too. Elder Martinez is getting transferred though on Jueves... Thursday I think... So tomorrow we are going to have a bonfire on our roof and order calzones J

They both speak a little bit of English, but we speak Spanish all the time. We have 30 minutes everyday where they get to study English and I help them how I can, but other than that it is only Spanish. It’s alright mostly, I know enough to follow the conversation and get my thoughts across. Sometimes it’s frustrating when people don’t understand what I am saying though... Especially when I am speaking well J

This week our shower water warmifier thing broke down. So that was awful... Ice cold showers are so lame... We bought a new one yesterday though and we are all good, and I fixed the old one, so next P-day we will have 2 warm showers instead of just one for the 3 of us!

I haven’t gotten any mail since I have arrived here, so I am not sure when I am going to get all of the thousands of letters I’m sure you all sent me. Hmm... I think that is all for this week. Hasta dos aƱos,
-Elder Rice

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