Tuesday, July 16, 2013

No money and shots fired...

In response to your food questions: We do have a fridge J  and I might do the noodles thing you suggested  (cook a big pot of spaghetti to eat all week). Thanks for the protein bar recipe- I don’t think I’ll be wasting my peanut butter on food experiments though... It’s possible to buy it here, but pretty expensive. Thanks though! Also, is it possible to cook potatoes in the microwave?

You mentioned going to the Tillamook Cheese factory this week, I was in the store yesterday and saw the aisle where Tillamook cheese would be, but there wasn’t any. Funny that I specifically thought about it though.

You asked about my extra withdrawals on my account-We hit some financial difficulties... I don’t know why.. we talked to the financial secretary already and should be squared away for next month, but the ATM charges the same for any withdrawal, so I just withdrew 500Q (about $65) to keep as a rainy day fund just in case, because we went 4 days with less than a dollar a piece waiting for P-day... no worries! Also, the $17.56 was my groceries for 2 weeks... you jealous? I think I bought like 3 dollars of stuff at Taco Bell too.

Just to clarify the walking stats from last week, the 18,000 steps was just one days stats. It still stands as the highest thus far, I´ll let ya´ll know when I walk more than 8.something miles in one day J

We still have 11 baptisms scheduled for this coming Sunday, and so far as we can tell they all are going to follow thru. No Mom, I haven’t gotten to speak in church yet, and I don’t know if they are going to let me J Umm…My mom had asked me how many of our converts stay active. Our goal as a zone is 85% retention. That should give a pretty good idea, but we will see this coming month.

Rainy season is in full swing now, hardly ever is there a day that doesn’t rain. And when it rains here, it seriously rains. Like, 4 inch rivers in the streets rain. It’s pretty cool! There is one part of our area, TerraNova, which has these stupidly steep roads, and when there is 4 inches of water it’s literally like a waterfall on the road. The bad part is that everything is always wet at the end of the day, umbrella or no.

 I think you will all be glad to hear that I have had my first cool ¨mission story¨. Mom, relax, it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. So we were just walking, doing what we do, and we saw one of our investigators that didn´t show up for church that day (this last Sunday). So we went over and talked to her, and the reason she wasn’t there is another story for a different day J Anyways, we were standing in the street talking with her, and we heard 2 gunshots. But whatever right? Sometimes the fireworks the kids set off ALL day sound like gunshots. So we just start walking away from there just to be safe when we heard 3 more shots,about half a block away, and then saw a wave of people running towards us, and all of the people in the shops were slamming down the doors, and people were yelling to run (in Spanish of course). So we ran away too! J Elder Vallejos says he saw the guy with the pistol, but I didn’t stick around long enough to see for myselfJ. Anyways, the next day we were talking with some random people in the area and it turns out it wasn’t a guy just shooting at people like we had originally thought. Apparently (and this was coming from a pretty old lady who heard it from her son) some guy was trying to rob a house or store, I’m not really sure which, and the owner came out and shot into the air. I don’t know if he looked crazy doing it, or if he shot the would-be robber, or what. Anyways, that’s my cool story for the week J

 I don’t think that the place we live has an address..... J I should be getting all my mail at the change meeting in like a week and a half or something, so keep writing!

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