Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Got a New Companion!

I got my new companion this last Wednesday! Elder Maldonado, from Mexico. Both of my other companions got transferred, and now it is just us two. He is a great companion. He has almost 10 months in the mission, and up until now all of his time was spent up in the mountains, so he is very glad to have the opportunity to be here in the Capital for a little while.

It sounded like you had fun at the ward campout. I miss going camping sometimes. When I get back, that’s one of the things I want to do right away.

Favorite food here? Hmmmm…We had Taco Bell yesterday! That was my favorite meal this week. My least favorite... We had these plantain fried things in the house of one of our families that we teach that really was difficult for me to eat... I really don’t like the plantains L And they always give you a TON!

I wish we could eat dinner with the members sometimes. The only real meal I have is lunch. Other than that, usually oatmeal for breakfast, and oatmeal or bread for dinner. Also, I am eating my vitamins every day. I figure it’s a good way to keep track of time, because when I run out I’ll have like 3 months left.

Other questions from this week: Most people here have cell phones. I’m pretty sure it is cheaper. There are a TON of those silvery grey indestructible Nokia cell phones! Very few have smart phones, but they are available if you have the money. Yesterday I saw some Beats headphones (the huge red or black kind) for 180Q, which is a little less that 20 dollars I think. Upon closer inspection, they still looked like the real thing! Obviously they weren´t, but the counterfeit things here are SO well done! It’s incredible!

Time is flying by, and I am having a great time, learning a ton, and helping a lot of people. To anybody who is thinking about whether or not to serve an LDS Mission, my advice is that it is worth all that is lost.

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