Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Yesterday I felt kinda sick all P-day while I was packing up my bags for changes. Then we went out to work at 5:00pm like normal, and we made it to a lesson inside of a really skinny alley. While my companion was talking to the people we were going to teach... Boom! Vomiting! All the little kids nearby came up to see the super sick gringo while I was throwing up!  I wiped my face off and we taught the lesson. Then we went to go pick up a member in their house and I threw up all my lunch into their pila L So then we went and taught another lesson with a family that is getting ready to get baptized, and right after...Again!

Finally we had a sweet family home evening with a ton of nonmember people where we watched the video “Finding Faith in Christ”. I had to leave and go out to the street to go throw up again, and when I came back I stood up on a cement block and gave a sweet testimony and everyone was like: “Wow -this guy is crazy!” Then we went home and it was all good. I´ve got a nasty fever now though.... Our mission president always says, ´´I like it when my Elders suffer!´´ Anyways, thats how my week starts!

We have several people preparing to get baptized this month, and I am pretty sad to be leaving tomorrow. Also, I got my package last week on Tuesday! Thanks mom! It is great! I tried to resist until my birthday, but I only made it one day.  Thanks to all who wrote me letters in the package my mom sent! They are very much appreciated!
Elder Rice

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