Monday, April 7, 2014

Same email, different day


So this week we were just doing one of my favorite activities, knocking doors in the pouring rain, and we met some guy named Byron. I talked to him through the window for a bit and he let us in. I immediately noticed that... Surprise! He´s a pastor, and he´s there with his buddies! So we started to teach him anyways, and when we got to the part where we teach that we are all children of the same God (aka, the first thing that I said) he stated his opposition to the principle and began to teach me what he deemed to be ´´The Truth´´. So I let him talk for a minute and then realizing he was in for the long run cut him off and whipped out my two edged sword! (El Libro de Mormon). I told him what it was and taught him that if he wants to know if it is true, he can ask of God. He refused my offer so I told him about the consequences of doing so, invited him again and had him read 2 Nephi 33:10,11, and 14, and then we got up out of there. It was pretty cool J It´s not the first time that I have taught a pastor of another religion, but it was the first time that I have taught one that didn´t listen to us before going off.
You will all be sad to know that the planned iguana hunt to not come to pass. We weren´t able to get permission to leave our area to go hunt iguanas, apparently it´s not a good reason to leave our area J  Mom, you shouldn’t  be too impressed with my brave new culinary choices-I still prefer the bland food, but I have learned to eat other stuff without making faces. In lieu of our hunt, we may be going to the beach on Wednesday as a zone.

 Not too much new. Changes are next week on Wednesday, but who knows if I will be going or not. All is going pretty good here.

 Wow, your Hawaii cruise sounds like an incredible trip! The farmers market there was probably similar, but much cleaner, then the ones here. There are few things I will eat that come from the market here. J That picture of the waterfall you sent me is incredible! I wouldn´t mind going to Hawaii with my mom someday when I get back J I was talking with one of my member friends here (It’s so weird how all my friends are adults, in their late 20’s or in their 30’s) anyways, he was telling me about some cool lakes and rivers near where we are now where there are some crazy fish that come in from the ocean! This would be a cool place to come someday too on vacation.

May 11! Phone call through Skype! Sooo.. Learn how to use it and standby for more intel!

Love, Elder Rice

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